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Furnace Replacement in San Antonio, Texas

Furnace replacement in San Antonio is among the best investments you can make to ensure comfort in your home or workplace. A properly functioning furnace keeps your family or employees warm during the cold season. Comfort Boys HVAC Services can replace your old, beat up, and poorly performing heating system.

Regardless of your furnace brand, type, or efficiency rating, we can replace your old appliance with a new one. What’s more, we can help you select the most appropriate furnace for your home or business premises. Don’t wait for your old furnace to break down completely to seek emergency repair or replacement. Instead, let us help you replace your old heating system with a new, more efficient furnace.



Signs That You Need Furnace Replacement in San Antonio, Texas

A heating system is among the most expensive investments in a home or business premises. It’s, therefore, not surprising that some people will try to repair their furnaces even when almost sure they should replace them. Unfortunately, fixing an old appliance might end up costing you more than replacing it. If you’ve used your furnace more than ten years, it’s most likely running inefficiently. Thus, you may spend more on energy bills in the long run. Here are tell-tale signs that you should replace your furnace.

  • Repair frequency and type: Maybe your furnace requires costly repairs more often. Perhaps, your appliance has a part that needs replacement with every repair. In that case, replacing the heating system could make more economic sense.
  • Age: Can you recall when you installed the current furnace in your home? If you’ve used the heating system for more than ten years, it’s probably the right time to replace it. Your furnace’s efficiency decreases with age.
  • Monthly energy bills: Perhaps, you’ve noticed an increase in monthly energy bills. In that case, your aging furnace may no longer be energy efficient. Therefore, replacing it could make more economic sense.
  • Comfort: Is your furnace heating your home optimally? Maybe you’ve noticed an increase in energy bills, yet your home temperature is not comfortable. Difficulties keeping up with your heating demand, uneven temperatures, and freezing air are signs of a furnace that needs replacement.

Your furnace may also need replacement if it produces yellow instead of blue burner flames. That’s because this is a sign of leaking gas or incomplete combustion. Additionally, your appliance might make more noise, especially popping, rattling, screeching, squealing, or humming. Repeated cycles off and on are also signs of a faulty heating system that needs replacement.

Replace Your Furnace to Enhance Energy Efficiency

Comfort Boys HVAC Services will install a modern furnace that’s more energy-efficient. Among the reasons to replace your old heating system with a new one is to boost your home’s energy efficiency. We install a quiet furnace with a variable-speed design. When your furnace works at different speeds, it adjusts heat flow in your entire home. And this boosts comfort in your living or working space while optimizing your indoor air quality and reducing energy consumption.

With proper maintenance, including periodic tune-ups, your efficient furnace will last longer and minimize the need for costly trip charges. And a modern, energy-efficiency-rated heating system might be more affordable than you think. After all, you can take advantage of financing plans to acquire a new furnace. Additionally, the new appliance will bring long-term heating savings.

Once you hire us to replace your furnace, we will ensure the expert installation of the new one. We will send the most competent technicians to remove the old unit and install a new one safely and professionally. What’s more, our service will come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our technicians will also advise you on the best ways to care for your furnace. That way, you can extend the life expectancy of your new furnace.

Benefits of Replacing Your Furnace

Maybe you’ve used your current furnace for over ten years. Perhaps, you hesitate to replace the existing appliance due to the involved costs. Well, replacing an old furnace comes with numerous benefits. Here are some of them.

  • Energy savings: It’s impossible to overemphasize the energy-saving benefits of replacing an old furnace. When you upgrade from your older furnace to a new, high-efficiency appliance, you notice immediate savings on monthly bills.
  • Better home comfort: A new furnace comes with features that enable it to perform better. Thus, replacing your old heating system will improve comfort in your home. Ideally, you will notice even temperatures in all rooms once you install a new heating unit.
  • Environmental protection: When your new furnace uses a low energy amount to heat your home, it uses low natural gas. And this helps with environmental protection by lowering emissions.

The longer you postpone your furnace replacement, the more you waste money on high monthly energy bills and repairs. Therefore, contact us sooner to replace your old, inefficient unit.

Contact Us Now!

Comfort Boys HVAC Services offers quality furnace replacement at a reasonable price. Among the things that make our furnace service stand out include:

  • Upfront pricing: We let you know the amount you will pay for the replacement service upfront.
  • Professional guidance: Our technicians can help you choose the most appropriate, energy-efficient furnace.
  • Anytime service: We can replace your old furnace at the most convenient time for you.

We want you to get the maximum returns from your new furnace. Contact us now for quality furnace replacement in San Antonio, TX!