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Qualityt Air Conditioner Replacement in San Antonio

Air conditioner replacement in San Antonio becomes necessary when the existing unit becomes too old. What’s more, your current AC system might need repair whose cost is almost similar to the price of a new system. At Comfort Boys HVAC Services, we have competent technicians ready to replace your air conditioner. Even when unsure about the suitable AC unit to install in your home, our crew can help you pick the most appropriate system depending on your cooling needs.

The current market has different types of air conditioners. Therefore, don’t buy the first system you find out there. Instead, research the available options to pick the suitable unit. For instance, consider size, efficiency, and brand when buying your air conditioning unit. If you encounter difficulties choosing your air conditioner, let our technicians help you.



Do You Need Air Conditioner Replacement in San Antonio?

When an air conditioner malfunctions, most property owners think about scheduling its repair. However, repairing an AC is not the best option in every circumstance. In some cases, replacing the air conditioner is the most cost-effective option.

At Comfort Boys HVAC Services, we have qualified technicians to assess your air conditioner and determine whether to repair or replace it. We know that new air conditioner installation is a significant investment. It’s also a decision that requires careful consideration. Nevertheless, our technicians will assess your unit carefully and explain the reason for their conclusion.

Here’s why our technicians may recommend AC replacement: 

  • Age: On average, an air conditioner has a lifespan of 17 years. If you have used your system longer than this, it might be struggling to perform efficiently. Therefore, replacing it with a more energy-efficient unit makes more economic sense. Our technicians can guide you to pick the most energy-efficient air conditioner in the market.
  • Home changes: Perhaps, you have had a home addition project recently. That means you made space changes to the building, and your current unit may be too small for your property. In that case, our experts can recommend replacing the existing air conditioner with another one to cater to the cooling needs of your home.
  • Inefficiency: Maybe you’ve noted that your current air conditioner runs more frequently to cool the indoor temperatures. Perhaps, you’ve tried to repair it, but nothing seems to change. In that case, your air conditioner might be too old to function optimally due to wear and tear. Our technicians can replace it with a modern unit with higher energy efficiency.
  • Costly recurring repairs: Maybe you’ve been spending a lot of money on regular air conditioner repairs. Perhaps, your unit uses a refrigerant that manufacturers don’t produce anymore due to its adverse impacts on the ozone layer. That means fixing your AC system whenever it malfunctions costs you a lot of money. Therefore, replacing it is the most logical option.

Air conditioner replacement cost is a significant factor for most property owners. Luckily, we charge affordable fees for our service. What’s more, we can help you with financing once you decide to replace your current unit. But replacing an old air conditioner with a new, more energy-efficient system is the most affordable option due to long-term energy savings.

Benefits of Replacing Your Air Conditioner

Replacing an old air conditioner comes with numerous benefits. If considering postponing your AC replacement, here’s why you should rethink this idea.

  • Energy savings: As hinted, replacing an old air conditioner will bring you energy-saving benefits. Old air conditioners are not as energy-efficient as new models. Thus, you may be spending more money on monthly energy bills than you will once you install the latest model.
  • Environmentally friendly: Your new air conditioner will be more eco-friendly than your current one. That’s because it won’t consume as much energy as your old system. And our technicians can help you choose a highly energy-efficient AC that caters to the cooling needs of your property.
  • More home comfort: A more energy-efficient air conditioner doesn’t work as hard as an old model to achieve the desired indoor temperatures. Thus, attaining comfortable indoor temperatures will be easier after installing a new system. And our technicians will install it professionally to ensure optimal performance.

A modern air conditioner comes with a seasonal energy efficiency rating of 13 and above. Your current unit may be significantly lower than this, meaning it’s less efficient. Therefore, replacing it with a new, modern AC could help you save a lot of monthly utility bills. Nevertheless, you must be careful to purchase the best air conditioning system in the market. Also, you must hire the right experts to install it.

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Maybe your air conditioner is no longer serving you the way it used to when new. Perhaps, you’ve realized that the unit is not providing the cooling comfort your household needs during summer. Unfortunately, summer temperatures keep getting unbearable. We understand your predicament and will help you solve this problem by installing a new cooling system.

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