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Same Day Air Conditioner Repair in San Antonio TX

Enjoy the ultimate comfort in your living space by enlisting our air conditioner repair in San Antonio, Texas. Having an air conditioner that won’t cool is the last thing in your mind during summer. Luckily, you can enlist our service to restore your home’s comfort promptly and efficiently. Perhaps, you’ve noticed some strange noises coming from your unit. Your unit may longer be cooling indoor air the way it used to when new. Don’t panic or consider replacing it before our technicians inspect it.

We’re the most competent professionals to fix your air conditioner when faulty. Ideally, our AC experts are the best in San Antonio and nearby areas. They have received rigorous industry training and acquired vast hands-on experience. What’s more, they know how different types, brands, and makes of air conditioners operate. Be confident that your AC will be in the best hands once you hire us to repair it.

We know how it feels when the air conditioning system stops working during the sizzling summer. You require experts to fix your air conditioner as quickly as possible in such a situation. Our technicians will troubleshoot and repair your air conditioner regardless of its type. Many property owners know us for providing a responsive, reliable, and professional service.

No matter your AC’s problem, Comfort Boys HVAC Services will fix it. Contact us, and we’ll be glad to assist you.



Comprehensive Air Conditioner Repair in San Antonio, Texas

We have earned a sterling reputation in the industry for exceeding our customers’ expectations. We aim to leave every client happy about our services in every situation. And we stop at nothing to ensure that we leave your property comfortable and enjoyable to live in by restoring the optimal performance of your unit. Among the AC repairs you can get from Comfort Boys HVAC Services include:

  • Air conditioner not turning on: Before booking a repair appointment, check the thermostat to ensure its correct settings and examine the electrical panel. If this fails to work, call us for a repair appointment.
  • Refrigerant leaks: If your air conditioner uses refrigerant, it may start leaking at some point. This refrigerant cools the air inside the AC. Our technicians can repair your system if this fluid starts leaking to restore its efficiency.
  • Outdoor water leak: Your air conditioner works the hardest during summer. At this time, you can notice water outside beneath the compression. And this could be due to improper installation, a dry air filter, a broken condensation pan, or a bad AC seal. Our technicians will check all these parts and fix the problem.
  • Frozen evaporator coils: The evaporator should circulate the refrigerant vapor at 40 degrees. That way, the AC can extract heat from the air that passes via the evaporator coils. However, it must not get too frigid to create ice. Ice accumulation on the evaporator coils can prevent the refrigerant from absorbing heat. And this can damage can occur, hindering the optimal performance of your air conditioner. Our technicians can diagnose and fix this problem.
  • Dirty filter: Maybe you forgot to change the air filter after three months. Eventually, a dirty filter will interfere with the optimal performance of your air conditioner. Luckily, our technicians can fix this problem.
  • Fan failure: The fan enables the external component of the air conditioner to transfer heat to the inside. An inefficient fan can prevent proper heat transfer by the air conditioner. Therefore, the compressor might trip or overheat. The compressor can suffer internal damage in the worst scenario, necessitating an AC replacement. Our technicians can diagnose and fix this problem before it escalates.

Once you hire us to repair your air conditioner, we will fix the current problem and inspect the system’s main parts to ensure they are in good condition. For instance, we will check the evaporator coil, compressor, condenser coil, and fans. That way, we leave you with a healthy air conditioner after the repair appointment.

Best AC Repair in San Antonio, Texas

At Comfort Boys HVAC Services, we know that your air conditioner can malfunction at any time. What’s more, we understand the essence of prompt and reliable AC repair. Therefore, we have a customer care representative and technicians ready to respond to any emergency. Whether you need AC repair on a weekday, holiday, or weekend, we will serve you.

Here’s what makes us the best AC repair service:

  • We charge reasonable prices for high-quality AC repairs
  • Our AC repair technicians have extensive training and vast hands-on experience
  • We offer efficient same-day AC repairs anywhere in San Antonio
  • We repair all AC makes and models
  • Our AC repairs come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee

Regardless of when you bought or installed your air conditioning unit, our technicians can fix it when faulty. However, we may recommend air conditioner replacement if your system is too old. An old AC system is inefficient, and repairing it might cost you almost the same price as acquiring a new unit. Thus, our technicians might advise you to replace it.

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Maybe your air conditioner is not performing as usual. Perhaps, you’ve noticed weird noises from your unit when starting or running. In that case, your system has an issue that needs fixing. Our technicians are ready to come over and repair your unit. Contact us now for quality air conditioner repair in San Antonio, Texas!