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Water Softeners

Reliable And Affordable San Antonio Water Softeners

When you’re looking for the best water for you and your family, you may be missing a key component! Hundreds of families across the US struggle with the effects of hard water.

Hard water is filtered water with high levels of minerals such as magnesium and calcium in it. While minerals are good in small amounts, excess amounts of magnesium and calcium are actually very bad for your plumbing system and for yourself. Whether you’re using water for cooking, cleaning or bathing, making sure to minimize your contact with hard water can have a big impact on your quality of life.

Comfort Boys is dedicated to increasing your quality of life with reliable and affordable water softeners. If you’re looking for an increase in your water quality, softeners can assist your filter in removing excess minerals. Soft water doesn’t have these same minerals and is better for your plumbing system and health.

water softener system and containers in a residential home

Why Should I Schedule Water Softener Installation?

The best time to schedule installation for your new water softener is the time that works best for you! There are a lot of variables depending on your circumstances and the region that you live in.

In San Antonio, we have great water resources that can facilitate the change to your filter. This means that you have more flexibility in deciding when you are able to get your installation. Here are a few factors that you should consider when you’re deciding on the right time.

Improved Water Quality

Water softeners remove minerals like calcium and magnesium from water, improving the overall quality. This is extremely important for reducing scaling on fixtures and appliances, as well as promoting softer skin and hair. If you’ve ever had a nasty metallic taste in your mouth after drinking water, you know the effects of hard water. When you want improved quality out of your water, a softener is a great addition to your filter.

Home Protection

Hard water causes scaling and buildup in your plumbing system, which can have a negative impact on your efficiency and your lifespan. By installing a water softener, you protect your home’s internal infrastructure and extend the life of your appliances.

Paired with maintenance, this ensures that you will have quality plumbing for a longer period of time. Scheduling the installation ensures you can start safeguarding your investment as soon as possible.


Soft water offers a lot of conveniences in your daily life. While they may seem small on their own, many small effects make a noticeable difference in your everyday life! It improves the effectiveness of cleaning, reduces the amount of scum left on dishes and improves the longevity of your clothing!

Enhancing your daily routines can save you hours on cleaning things that should’ve already been clean, and avoid having to spend money replacing clothes and dishes over time.

Energy Efficiency

Hard water can reduce the efficiency of your plumbing systems, causing excess energy loss. When you run your water for long periods of time, you are using energy that is added to your utility bill.

With a water softener, you improve your energy efficiency by reducing the amount of minerals that clog your pipe. Scheduling the installation allows you to start reaping these energy-saving benefits on your utility bills.

Call Today For Water Softener Replacement Services That Can’t Be Beat!

At Comfort Boys, we’re here to increase the quality of your water at a price that you’ll love. Whether you’re looking for better bathing or safer drinking water, our water softeners are available to make sure that you get clean water at the best price.

Our customer service is always 5-stars, along with our amazing new technology that allows you to have access to the best resources in the industry. Enjoying the benefits of soft water is only a call away!

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