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San Antonio Garbage Disposal Repair

Nothing is worse than coming home to a nasty, clogged garbage disposal. While we underestimate them, garbage disposals are a key part of ensuring that our kitchen sinks stay clean. They also play a key role in sustainability, so they’re not to be underestimated!

At Comfort Boys Service Company, we recognize the importance of your garbage disposal in your everyday life. That’s why we ensure that we provide the best disposal repair services – families in Texas deserve the best customer service and products available.

If your garbage disposal continues to let you down, there are a few things that you should look at: the amount of waste that you’re sending down the disposal as well as the presence of foreign objects. Luckily, there are lots of different repair options at Comfort Boys for your garbage disposal!

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Why Your Garbage Disposal Is Not Working

Garbage disposals can break down for a variety of reasons. Some of the most common issues that you may face are discussed below.

Power Issues

Check if the garbage disposal is receiving power. It should be plugged in securely, which is extremely important for hardwired disposals. The plug can get loose over time, so you’ll need to check if it isn’t all the way in. If your disposal isn’t hardwired, check the circuit breaker to ensure it hasn’t tripped.

Reset Button

Most garbage disposals have a reset button, which is a small red or black button located on the bottom or side of your unit. This button is designed to shut off the disposal in case of an overload or jam, so there is no permanent damage to your disposal.

To troubleshoot your disposal, press the reset button. If the button stays in, turn on the disposal and see if it starts over. If the button pops out again, it means that there is another problem.

Jammed Disposal

If your garbage disposal makes a humming sound but doesn’t spin, it means that you have a jammed disposal. This can be caused by foreign objects that prevent the blades from spinning, which won’t stop until the object is removed.

You can look for jam-busting tools at most hardware stores to attempt to remove the jam yourself. If the blades still aren’t spinning, call one of our experts to get friendly and reliable service in the blink of an eye.

Overload Protection

Garbage disposals have built-in protection to prevent overload damage to your motor. This means that your garbage disposal may shut off automatically.

Give your system time to cool down, usually around 15 to 30 minutes. When your disposal has cooled off, reset the unit. Be sure to avoid overloading it with food waste in the future and clean your disposal regularly.

Burned-Out Motor

If none of the previous reasons seem to be the issue, it is possible that the motor may have burned out. If your motor is faulty, it’s going to be necessary to replace the entire disposal unit.

Motors can burn out for various reasons, ranging from overuse to old age. You can schedule a replacement for your disposal with our plumbing experts at Comfort Boys for a stellar product guarantee!

Call Today For Top-Notch Garbage Disposal Installation

At Comfort Boys, we have the tools and experience that you need for any of your garbage disposal issues. Whether it’s a jam or a total replacement, we have lots of different specials and financing plans available so that your services don’t break the bank!

We’ve been rated the #1 company for home services and offer product guarantees for all of your replacement and installations. Call today for a service that you can be confident in!

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