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Mini-Split Heating and Cooling

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Comfort Boys provides the industry’s best mini-split heating and cooling services at a competitive price. We hire, train, and retain the industry’s most talented professionals. They ensure your mini-split system performs appropriately, minimizes service interruptions, and complies with all local and state ordinances.

Mini-split systems are becoming the next big thing in heating and cooling technology since most San Antonio people find them reliable home heating and cooling solutions. The systems provide whole-home comfort in ways that traditional heating and cooling systems cannot. People can use them in rooms where ductwork is not accessible to supplement their central heating and cooling system. 

Mini-split systems do not rely on ductwork; hence they can be installed in rooms they may have neglected for some time. Also, they avoid the energy losses associated with ductwork inside a building. Duct energy losses can account for over 30% of energy consumption in space conditioning, particularly where the space is unconditioned, such as an attic.

Generally, mini splits are a solution that will save you money due to their superior efficiency when compared with traditional HVAC systems, which result in lesser energy bills. In addition, installing mini-split systems is fast and easy, allowing handy homeowners to complete all or part of the installation on their own. Therefore, they are also low maintenance, saving you even more time and money. Talk to Comfort Boys today to install a mini-split system for you and enjoy its benefits.

Why us for Mini-Split Heating and Cooling services

Decade after decade, our company has devoted itself to upholding outstanding service values at an exceptional value, and we believe our standards have directly translated to success and longevity. We mainly dedicate ourselves to providing personalized services.

Our services are also 100% guaranteed, so if you are not satisfied with our services, make sure that you talk to us about your concerns. On the other hand, our technicians work hard to meet your expectations and exceed them. Our service warranty translates to:

  • Repair or installation service again at no additional cost
  • A full refund of money charged for the repair or installation service 

A mini-split system encompasses many benefits, including allowing you to\ access thermostat\settings anywhere to ensure that you’re at the most comfortable indoor temperatures.

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We are at Your Service

Throughout San Antonio, we are your answer for your comfort, so give us a chance to confirm that. We are proud to extend unbeaten customer service and industry expertise, providing you with the products and services you need to keep your air conditioning system running efficiently. Get in touch with us today via our direct mobile phone number if it’s urgent or our running website. We will be delighted to ensure you are comfortable at your workplace or home. Comfort Boys is your answer to mini-split heating and cooling services, so talk to us today.