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Mini Split AC Installation

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Working with a reputable HVAC company guarantees you the best mini split ac installation services. We’re a committed team operating in San Antonio city and its neighborhoods. Failing to get what you want can be very disappointing. However, choosing Comfort Boys to repair and maintain your AC system will surely make you smile again. We consistently exceed your air conditioning goals, no matter how challenging your project may seem. Seeing your HVAC unit getting back its lost glory is one of the factors propelling our better service delivery. We know it hurts if you fail to get the desired replacement parts, and we’re willing to do anything for your 100% satisfaction.

Why Should You Consider Mini Split AC Installation?

Mini-split air conditioners come with numerous benefits, unlike conventional duct cooling systems. For example, they allow you to regulate the temperatures in each room independently. Bigger ductless HVAC units can help to regulate temperatures in more rooms. However, the price of the AC system increases with its size. Therefore, the size of your home or office dictates the size and number of ductless air conditioners to install. Installing mini split AC units in your residential or commercial property is beneficial because; 

  • They’re Highly Efficient – Our company champions high efficiency and top performance. If you choose ductless air conditioners, you’ll pay less money for energy bills. You’ll also be able to control the temperature in each of your rooms independently. In addition, installing a mini-split HVAC system will significantly lower the installation cost. And this is because the ductless units don’t require any ductwork, thus saving a lot of cash. 
  • Minimizing Heat Loss – One of the main challenges homeowners experience with their traditional AC units is energy loss in the ductwork. And this means that not all the generated heat energy warms up your house. But everything is different with a mini-split air conditioner. The refrigerant flows inside properly insulated pipes to curb heat loss and boost the unit’s efficiency. 
  • Independent Temperature Settings – You don’t want the temperature preferences of a given room to affect the other. And you can achieve this by installing a ductless HVAC system. Our team will first assess your home and suggest the best unit size for your home or office building.

Why We're Different

Choosing our AC solutions opens your way to a comfortable work or living environment. Our technicians work tirelessly to make your HVAC system more energy-efficient and minimize your bills significantly. But everything doesn’t end there since we also ensure the durability of your air conditioners. None of the issues we solve will resurface because we do our work with unmatched perfection. 

Invite us to your property today to inspect the faulty AC unit, and we promise it won’t fail again. Affordability is another thing we value so much. Our company charges clients what they can pay without breaking the bank. We acknowledge the essentiality of the air conditioning system to your home. Therefore, we’ll ensure to finalize the repair within the same day to restore your home’s conduciveness as soon as possible.

Stop worrying about your collapsing HVAC systems and call Comfort Boys for professional mini split AC installation services. We’re the leading air conditioning agency in the San Antonio area.