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Frequently Asked Questions About Air Conditioning

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Here at Comfort Boys, we believe in the importance of a job well done. And no job can be done well without transparency. That’s why we focus on working with our customers to provide thorough information and answer all your questions. Read on to learn about some of the most common questions our customers ask us.

What Does AC Installation Include?

When you’ve decided on a new cooling system for your home, what can you expect come installation day? Our technicians will arrive to remove your old unit and inspect the placement of your new air conditioning system. Then we’ll install the new AC, ensure the connection between the system and your thermostat is working and leave you with instructions for proper use and maintenance.

How Often Should HVAC Be Replaced?

The average heating and cooling system is made to last 10-25 years, depending on a number of factors. The frequency it’s used, how often it’s maintained and the type of system it is all play a role in determining when you need system replacement. Our team can work with you to understand whether you need a repair or replacement for your heater or AC.

Can I Use My AC If It’s Frozen?

Take care to avoid a frozen AC by keeping an eye out for the signs that your system isn’t working properly. If your air conditioner freezes, turn it off immediately. Running your cooling system when it’s frozen can result in worn-out parts and overheating. Yes – a frozen AC can overheat. With such a complicated system, the best action to take for a frozen AC is to turn it off and call the professionals at Comfort Boys for help.

How Often Should You Air Out Your House?

The air inside your home can grow stale and dusty if you don’t take the time to air it out. Leaving your doors and windows constantly closed can have a negative effect on your indoor air quality. Weather permitting, it’s recommended that you open your doors and windows daily for a minimum of 5 minutes. For more comprehensive indoor air solutions, reach out to Comfort Boys to learn about your options.

Why Is My Heater Not Blowing Heat?

Modern furnaces have safety sensors to detect malfunctions. If a part wears out or breaks, your heater may stop creating heat. Instead, it might start running only the blower when the heating element shuts off. If your heater is running but not producing heat, reach out to our team. The technicians at Comfort Boys can run a thorough inspection and provide you with long-lasting heater repairs.

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