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Emergency AC Repair Experts

Air conditioners have several moving parts and components that can experience problems. While some may be easily visible from the outside, other issues may also occur in hidden pieces of the equipment. Nevertheless, fixing the problems on time is the best way to maintain comfort and save money. Comfort Boys are the emergency AC repair experts you can trust for professional and affordable services in San Antonio, Texas.

Reliable Emergency AC Repair Experts

The AC in your home or office will require emergency repairs. And, you always need a professional to get the job done right and at your convenience. We guarantee comprehensive and high-quality services to rid your AC of all existing problems and improve its condition over time. Among the AC repairs that we perform include the following.

Compressor Issues

The compressor pressurizes the air conditioner refrigerant to release heat across the rooms. It is one of the parts that usually run throughout, making it susceptible to many problems. However, most compressor problems occur in its motor and electrical wiring. Our engineers have the best tools to diagnose and fix all compressor issues at your convenience.

Refrigerant leaks

Leaks lower the refrigerant levels below the recommended standards. That impacts a considerable strain on the AC, which could cause other issues. While refrigerant leaks are common in air conditioning systems, finding them is a significant challenge. But, you no longer have to stress about all that because we can properly locate all the defects and seal them or replace the worn-out parts. 

Fan Problems

An AC system has two fans; the blower fan in the evaporator and the condenser fan in the outdoor unit. The condenser fan removes the heat from the system while the blower fan pumps cool air into the ductwork. The most common fan problems are loose or worn-out belts, bent or loose blades, and motor issues. Our engineers will conduct thorough inspections to ascertain all issues and deliver effective and lasting repair solutions. We can also perform replacements if some parts of the AC are irreparable. 

Sometimes, your AC may be experiencing other issues apart from the ones described above. Nevertheless, the best way to find out and resolve them is by engaging the experts at Comfort Boys. We have well-trained and experienced engineers in AC repairs that guarantee the best solutions to all your system’s problems. 

We always begin every repair procedure with a proper preliminary assessment of the entire AC unit to determine all the existing and potential issues. That enables our engineers to recommend and perform the most suitable repairs for your AC. It also ensures that you know what to expect from us without any hidden liabilities.

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Comfort Boys are the best emergency AC repair experts in San Antonio, Texas. Our company guarantees high-quality, reliable, and affordable Air Conditioning repair services. Talk to us today for a free AC repair quotation.