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VRV/VRF Installation

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VRV/VRF Installation In San Antonio

Our company is on the cutting edge of the HVAC industry in terms of AC technology and advancements. VRV/VRF — variable rate volume & variable rate flow — systems are a clear contender. Generally reserved for larger-scale, commercial applications, these systems are the most energy-efficient, dual heating & cooling units on the market.

Giving business owners a far greater degree of control over their indoor climate while maintaining efficiency, VRV/VRF is the current standard when it comes to commercial AC solutions.

The professionals here at Comfort Boys Service Company work hard to stay well-versed in every type of technology in the HVAC market today. When it comes to VRV/VRF installation in San Antonio, there isn’t anyone more qualified you can trust with your company’s HVAC services.

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What Is A VRV/VRF System? 

VRV/VRF systems are essentially the commercial version of the standard ductless-mini split system. They’re designed with a single outdoor condenser/fan that connects to a series of indoor air handlers. The air handlers are installed in separate “zones” or rooms/spaces. The difference lies in how efficiently this system can get the job done when compared to its consumer-grade counterparts.

How Are VRV/VRF Systems Different From Other Ductless Systems?

The two systems are very similar – both utilize refrigerant to absorb and transfer heat in the air. The difference comes in the ability of a VRV/VRF system to handle differential loads. This refers to how efficiently each system can utilize its refrigerant.

While a mini-split is only able to function in a binary on/off state, VRV/VRF systems can variably adjust the flow of refrigerant to fine-tune the system for heating and cooling needs in individual zones.

What Are The Benefits of A VRV/VRF System?

Several benefits are associated with the adoption of VRV/VRF technology. Essentially representing the latest in HVAC technology, there are few functions available to other systems on the market that these units aren’t capable of themselves. The following are a few of the most obvious benefits that business owners enjoy by utilizing these systems.

Zoned Heating & Cooling

Much like mini-splits, VRV/VRF systems give users the ability to achieve zoned heating and cooling. This means that these units can be set to entirely different temperatures at each air handler. Thanks to functions like “heat recovery,” VRV/VRF systems can achieve this far more efficiently than any other system on the market.

Heat Recovery

The ability to control the flow of refrigerant allows for a function called “heat recovery” which greatly improves the efficiency of the system. Heat recovery refers to the system’s ability to transfer heat from a zone where it isn’t needed and deliver it into a zone where it is. This utilization of heat is far more efficient than other systems that only can vent the heat outside where it is allowed to disperse.


While air ducts have been a time-tested component of traditional single-split systems for decades, it represents one of the largest points of potential efficiency loss for these systems. Eliminating ductwork allows for a far more efficient system. It’s been proven that an HVAC system can lose up to 30% of its utilized energy through faults in its ductwork.

Lower Utility Bills

The benefits listed above combine to create a system that is both better for the environment when compared to other systems and more affordable to run every month. With less wasted energy and more variable control, VRV/VRF systems allow businesses to fine-tune their temperature needs and ensure that their money is being spent in the best way possible.

Comfort Boys – The Company For Your Company

When your company needs an energy-efficient air conditioner to provide the highest degree of control, you need our team. Take advantage of professional services and energy savings with help from Comfort Boys Service Company – offering top-quality VRV/VRF installation in San Antonio.

If your company has any HVAC needs, don’t hesitate to call us today. We’re determined to set the standard when it comes to commercial HVAC in San Antonio and look forward to helping businesses in our community with their commercial heating and cooling

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