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AC Odors And How To Get Rid Of Them

Spring and summer come with their own unique smells in Texas, from newly-bloomed flowers to fresh-cut grass. Unfortunately, not all of these warm-weather smells are good ones. With higher temperatures comes the increased use of your air conditioner, but when your AC is malfunctioning, you may notice some nasty smells.

Stinky odors are never fun to deal with, especially in your home. At Comfort Boys Service Company, we’re always prepared to save you from the discomfort of smelly AC issues with our high-quality HVAC services! Each one of our technicians has experience when it comes to AC repairs, installations and indoor air quality, so you can count on us for help.

Read on to learn about HVAC odors and why you should pay attention to weird smells in your home.

Why Does My AC Smell?

Do you feel the urge to plug your nose when you enter your house? Off-putting odors are never enjoyable — especially when you’re trying to entertain guests or relax with your family.

If you’ve noticed an aroma of dirty socks or mildew that spreads throughout your home whenever you turn on your AC, this is usually a sign that your air conditioning system needs to be checked out.

Bad smells can be a sign of many different kinds of issues, from electrical issues to mold spores accumulating in a damp area. If you need help investigating these mysterious odors, call your local HVAC professionals!

Dangerous AC Smells That You Should Watch Out For

Besides the aroma of dirty socks or mildew, there are other smells that hint at HVAC issues. Some of the most common include:

  • Chemical odors that resemble formaldehyde or paint thinner
  • Burnt rubber or plastic smells
  • Toxic exhaust fumes
  • Metallic gunpowder odors
  • Any other sour aromas

Many of these smells provide accurate insight into the nature of the issue with your AC unit. Chemical odors point to refrigerant leaks, while burnt smells usually indicate that your electrical wiring is melting. Exhaust fumes and gunpowder odors can signal a chemical spill or a fried component.

Some unpleasant aromas are easy fixes, such as switching out your old air filter, but others may require extensive repairs or a whole new HVAC unit.

HVAC Maintenance And Repair Benefits

Scheduling at least one maintenance appointment per year is a great way to protect your AC unit from premature breakdowns. An AC tune-up can catch issues before they worsen and increase the longevity of your system as technicians prepare it for the challenges that come with warmer weather.

If your system is already showing signs of damage, we can also provide reliable repairs. Maintenance and repair services can include everything from cleanings to replacing small components that wear out over time, such as air filters, fan fins and coils. You can also count on us to perform tasks such as an AC leak repair!

Our reliable technicians at Comfort Boys are always happy to service your AC unit so that it can function more efficiently and effectively.

For AC Repairs In San Antonio, Contact Comfort Boys Service Company!

Are you ready to enjoy some peace of mind when it comes to strange odors coming from your air conditioning system? At Comfort Boys Service Company, we care about your comfort and strive to make your home a cool, sweet-smelling paradise.

You can count on our experts to investigate your AC unit, identify the problem and provide a solution! When you need AC repairs, reach out to our team. We’re always happy to help!

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