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Air Conditioning Maintenance in San Antonio

Air conditioners are essential to improving air quality and comfort in living and workspaces. However, proper air conditioning maintenance in San Antonio is critical to ensuring the systems serve their purpose effectively. 

Many homes and commercial building owners usually neglect their air conditioning systems as soon as after their installation. As a result, they end up with frequent air conditioning repairs and replacements, costing lots of money. 

At Comfort Boys, we can help you avoid the stress of dealing with frequent and costly HVAC systems repairs. We are experts in air conditioning maintenance and installation, with a guarantee of reliable and affordable craft. 

Professional Air Conditioning Maintenance in San Antonio

Both outdoor and indoor air conditioners face constant exposure to weather, environment, and human activity, including dust, dirt, mold, and other allergens. Those elements could quickly accumulate on different essential parts of the air conditioner, impacting poor performance and colossal utility bills over time. 

Neglected air conditioners also expose you and the other occupants of the building to numerous risks, including asthma attacks, bacteria, mold, and overall discomfort. We offer comprehensive air conditioning maintenance to cushion you from all those hazards. Our services include the following; 

  • Changing the filters regularly to reduce the burden on the system and cut utility bills. 
  • Cleaning the condenser oil: Our technicians will carefully clean the debris and dirt on the coils and fins to keep the system running smoothly. 
  • Adjusting the thermostat: We will also reprogram the thermostat to complement your heating and cooling schedules, ensuring lower monthly utility bills. Optimizing the AC’s usage will also enhance its lifespan. 
  • Inspecting the ductwork: Our technicians also perform thorough visual inspections of the air conditioners’ ductwork to ensure adequate sealing. We will fix any signs of damage during the procedure. However, we can also replace parts or the entire ductwork in case of severe fault. 
  • Checking the electrical connections: We will inspect and test all the electrical components and controls to ensure that everything is working effectively. 
  • Inspecting the condensate drain: The AC’s drain can potentially plug, flood, and shut down when mold and algae accumulate over time. We also inspect the drain and clear any build-up to keep the system in proper condition. 

Apart from the above tasks, our air conditioning maintenance service also covers the lubrication of the system’s motor and bearings and exterior AC unit inspections. 

We will also perform amp-draw tests on the blower motor to determine its condition. That enables us to identify any potential problems with the HVAC system for immediate interventions, so you don’t have to face frequent repairs and replacements of parts.

Get the Best Air Conditioning Maintenance

Comfort Boys is the go-to expert for air conditioning maintenance in San Antonio. We guarantee professional, reliable, and affordable air conditioning maintenance services for residential and commercial buildings. Talk to us to request a free quotation.