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Air Conditioner Specials

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Welcome to the leading HVAC company in San Antonio for reliable air conditioner specials. Comfort Boys understands your home’s heating requirements and will do all it takes to meet all of them. Besides, we’re a certified heating and air conditioning agency. Working with us will guarantee you excellent and lasting HVAC services. Our company doesn’t end the relationship after the first engagement but consistently remains in touch to ensure all goes well. One of the many things San Antonio residents like about us is the speed of our operations. Hiring us allows you to enjoy same-day services with high-end precision and desired results. 

What are Signs Your HVAC System Needs Air Conditioner Specials?

Several indications may show your ac unit no longer runs as required, and you’ll need to take immediate action to restore it. Due to high energy bills, the heating and air conditioning faults deny you comfort and erode your bank accounts. Call us for professional assistance when you notice any of the following signs on your AC unit. 

  • Unusual Sounds – Your heating unit has some moving parts and will always produce some sounds as it operates. However, you can’t take any strange noise from the system for granted. A too-loud sound may indicate loose parts or nuts that need fastening. 
  • Abnormally High Energy Bills – Whether you use an electric, gas, or oil fuel furnace, the monthly bills should be constant unless the prices increase. However, skyrocketing energy bills under normal circumstances suggest your HVAC system’s efficiency has worsened. Luckily, we’re always ready and waiting for your call. We’ll send our technicians to assess your heating system and fix all the faults. 
  • Uneven Heat Distribution – A healthy heating system should uniformly warm all the rooms in the building. Therefore, if some rooms are warmer than others, you should contact a reputable air conditioning service provider like us. We’ll carefully examine the AC unit for any problems and correct them the soonest as possible. 
  • Lower Temperatures – Your home’s central heating unit comprises several vital parts. The thermostat is one of the essential HVAC systems. A faulty thermostat will send wrong signals to the heating unit, resulting in low temperatures even if the system is on. Blocked or leaking vents can also lead to low temperatures in your home or office spaces. 

Note that the presence of gas smells that don’t go away even after your heating system has run for some minutes could indicate gas leakages. Always pay attention to any abnormality and let experts solve them before it’s too late. 

What Makes Us Different

Our top-most winning secret lies in the way our repair program works. First, we’ve hired only qualified technicians with robust air conditioning experience. In addition, we’ve heavily invested in cutting-edge diagnosis devices. The move is necessary to speed up service delivery and make accurate maintenance resolutions. 

Many property owners have been left disappointed due to recurrent HVAC system breakdowns even after undergoing repairs. However, working with us is different because your heating unit will never experience any problems after fixing it. Choose us today and save yourself more time and money because we’re fast, affordable, and accurate. 

Is your heating unit failing or taking long to start? If yes, don’t hesitate to visit or call Comfort Boys for professional guidance and reliable air conditioner specials. We’re committed to making homes and office spaces warm and comfortable.