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Air Conditioner Cleaning Service

Comfort Boys is the leading air conditioner cleaning service in San Antonio and its environment. Our technicians are experts in diagnosing and eliminating indoor air quality problems for our commercial, residential and industrial clients. Our company is ready to respond quickly and offer reliable services for your home or office at competitive prices. We have the tools, equipment, and experience to keep your air conditioner clean and running smoothly all year long.

Here is why you should work with our company:

  • We offer free in-home consultation with one of our cleaning specialists.
  • We will help you decide how and why you need air conditioner cleaning to meet your comfort preferences and lifestyle.
  • Our company offers proper sizing of your air conditioner to meet your home’s unique needs.
  • We provide a convenient way to pay for your installation through our flexible financing options, subject to credit approval. What’s more, we offer a labor warranty as well.
  • We commit ourselves to 100% customer satisfaction and exceeding our customer’s needs.
  • Our customer service is excellent.
  • We provide cutting-edge technology and techniques.
  • Our team is very professional and polite.

Our customers prefer our company because we provide quality, hassle-free services with a smile. Our technicians are industry trained skillful, and they boast some of the latest diagnostic equipment on the market. Your comfort is our priority, and we will do everything to keep your property cool throughout the year. We have gained the reputation of being the best air conditioning cleaning company.

Do You Require Air Conditioner Cleaning Service?

Cleaning your air conditioner is particularly recommended every three to five years. However, air conditioners are a potential source of indoor allergy asthma triggers; those who suffer from such can only breathe easier with frequent air conditioner cleaning. 

On the other hand, cleaning your air conditioner is highly recommended after new construction or renovations or even after flooding that affects your duct system. Also, if you relocate to a new home or office, ensure that you clean your air conditioner to remove any smell or contaminants left behind by the previous tenants or owners. 

Our air conditioner cleaning process ensures your health and comfort. Our process thoroughly clears your AC unit of contaminants hence helping it operate at optimum efficiency. Moreover, a professionally cleaned air conditioner means healthier indoor air quality, less power consumption, and better cooling.

Here’s what our cleaning process involves:

  • We inspect the affected area and, in the process, ensure safety.
  • Next, we apply our electricity cleaning solutions that effectively target the contaminants around your air conditioner.
  • We will use a high-pressure device to clean thoroughly.
  • Clean the unit farther where, and we will target the barrel fan.

Finally, our technician will conduct a final airflow test to ensure that we correctly do the job.

Where You Can Find Us

Comfort Boys is the top air conditioning cleaning servicein San Antonio. You can contact us via our mobile phone number, website, or email. Talk to us today!