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Air Cond Service

The summer season can be terrible if you don’t look for the appropriate air cond service in time. Perhaps, your region is already experiencing high temperatures, but you don’t know what to do. Worry no more because Comfort Boys is there for all your air conditioning needs. After handling various AC units for years, we’re confident that your case can’t challenge our experts. The opportunity to serve San Antonio city and its surroundings isn’t something we take lightly. We’re excited to provide reliable HVAC repair and maintenance services to numerous San Antonio natives and temporary residents. 

What Makes Our Air Cond Service Exceptional?

One of our priorities is to see your homes and offices getting trustworthy and affordable AC solutions available today. We surpass other HVAC companies because we champion honesty and give only genuine repair recommendations. We’ll perform a detailed diagnosis to establish your AC unit’s problems and show you the right course to take. For example, we’ll recommend repairs and maintenance if we notice less severe damages to your HVAC system. Doing so is vital because it saves you the time and dollars you’d have used to buy a whole new unit. 

However, our assessment team will advise you to purchase a new AC unit if the current one isn’t worth repairing. In addition, our experts will guide you in selecting the best HVAC brands that are considerably durable and energy-efficient. Working with us can open the door for many cost-related benefits, like paying low energy bills and others. Besides, we’ve been in the San Antonio area for years and understand the residents’ unique air conditioning needs. 

The repeat clients and new referrals we usually get don’t come out of some miracles. Instead, it’s because of the superiority of our services. Our technicians have developed a rare culture of putting your satisfaction beyond anything else. We take every engagement with a customer as a partnership and not a money-making scheme. No wonder the five-star ratings we get from our clients. Get in touch with Comfort Boys air conditioning firm and join the rest in enjoying trustworthy services. 

What We Do

We offer a range of certified HVAC system maintenance and repair services. Our exceptional experience makes us the right choice for handling your next air conditioning project. What’s more, we work with commercial and residential property owners. So whether it’s your office’s or home’s HVAC unit, you can always expect the best results from us. Here are some air conditioning solutions our company offers. 

  • Condenser & evaporative coils cleaning and repair
  • AC unit resetting
  • Faulty thermostat replacement
  • New HVAC system installation
  • Leaking cents repair and replacement
  • Air filter cleaning & replacement

We finish our HVAC repair tasks on the same day and thoroughly test your unit to ensure proper functioning. Our company also has a comprehensive warranty program that protects you against unprecedented imperfections. We’ll respond quickly to any call needing our assistance with subsequent faults. But that’s not all because choosing us allows you to use multiple payment options. We’ll always be in touch with you to ensure your AC system runs as expected.

Welcome to Comfort Boys and join other San Antonio residents in celebrating affordable air cond service packages. Contact us or visit our offices today to schedule an inspection with professional air conditioning experts.