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High-quality AC Repair in Saint Hedwig, Texas

Comfort Boys are the go-to HVAC professionals whenever you need AC repair in Saint Hedwig, Texas. We specialize in professional AC repair services for different air conditioning systems in residential and commercial buildings. 

Our company has several teams of trained HVAC technicians with many years of experience in the industry. We also integrate our expertise and experience with highly efficient technologies to deliver lasting AC repair solutions at affordable costs. 

AC Repair in Saint Hedwig, Texas

Air conditioning systems come in diverse types and sizes. However, they all serve the same purpose of regulating temperatures and improving indoor air quality. Although the systems usually experience similar malfunction issues, some may also encounter complex and invasive problems. Nevertheless, you need an HVAC professional to effectively diagnose and fix the issues as soon as you discover them. 

While our technicians can solve various kinds of AC problems, you should also know the common types of AC repairs. The following are some of the primary AC repairs that we perform. 

Drainage issues 

AC drainage issues often occur whenever the drain lines are clogged, causing fluctuations in indoor humidity levels and hindering the system’s performance. The problems could also damage other components. Our technicians will clear the drain lines and fix different faulty parts upon concluding a thorough preliminary assessment of your AC. 

Refrigerant leaks 

A refrigerant leak causes a drop in the AC’sAC’s recommended refrigerant level. Apart from sealing the unwanted openings causing the leakage, we will also recharge the refrigerant to the required level. 

Broken Compressor fan 

An AC compressor fan’sfan’s malfunction hinders the heat transfer process, preventing the system from cooling your spaces adequately. That could impact overheating and other problems on the AC’sAC’s safety controls, shutting the system down. Our technicians will diagnose the specific issues then and adequately repair or replace the damaged parts. 

Frozen condenser coils 

Frozen condenser coils lead to poor airflow through the cooling system. The problem usually results from dirty air filters or blocked air ducts, but low refrigerant levels can also freeze your AC’s condenser coils. Nevertheless, our technicians will conduct thorough inspections and troubleshoot the system to ascertain the affected components and the severity of the impact. Then, we will recommend and provide the most appropriate solutions. 

We understand your AC may also develop other complications not discussed above. However, please don’t rush into replacing or trying to fix the system on your own. Instead, talk to our technicians at Comfort Boys to diagnose the system and deliver customized solutions. We specialize in professional AC repair and maintenance services, including replacing damaged or worn-out parts and components.

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