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24 Hour AC Repair in San Antonio

Air conditioners are often subject to weather, environmental changes, and human activities in work and living spaces that could impact their performance. For this reason, you require a reliable company for 24-hour AC repair in San Antonio. Having a company on call will ensure that the AC is properly diagnosed and fixed on time. 

Comfort Boys are the go-to experts in AC repair that you can trust to deliver quality artistry at your convenience. We repair air conditioners for residential and commercial buildings in San Antonio, Texas.

The Best 24 Hour AC Repair in San Antonio

Air conditioners can experience several problems, regardless of their installed locations. Some issues may develop over time, while others may occur instantly, bringing the entire system to a halt. Thus, our company emphasizes comprehensive AC repairs for common and complex problems. Our AC repair services cover the following. 

  • Clogged or blocked filter: You should change AC filters frequently to keep the systems running smoothly. Clogging or blockage of the filters could cause the unit to freeze and impact other complications. Our technicians can clean or replace the filters on your AC, depending on its condition. 
  • Refrigerant leaks: These are common problems in most AC units, impacting temperature fluctuations. We will also examine the AC for any coolant leaks and seal the damage. 
  • Thermostat: Thermostats can fail due to several reasons. The best way to fix them is to diagnose the system and re-adjust the settings correctly. However, some issues may require replacements. 
  • Capacitors: The capacitors support the motors and fans, and any glitch in the components could impact other essential AC parts. However, we can diagnose and fix the problems before they spread into other AC unit parts. 
  • Compressor: The compressor is critical to heat exchange inside the AC unit. That means a malfunction on the compressor will prevent the AC from cooling your home. Our technicians can also conduct a thorough system diagnosis to determine the faults and repair them. 

Your AC could still experience problems in other components, including the condenser coils, evaporator coils, fuses, blower motor, and wiring. We can still correctly diagnose the issues and provide the correct fix. Our goal is to revive your AC’s condition and improve its performance. 

Some AC problems may be easily visible and detectable. However, others may also occur in hidden components that you may not quickly discover. Our technicians use the best tools and equipment to conduct a proper diagnosis. Then, we will discuss the recommended repairs and prepare a quotation for the job with you.

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Comfort Boys is your trusted partner for 24-hour AC repair in San Antonio. We provide professional and affordable AC repairs for residential and commercial buildings. Contact us to request a free AC repair quotation or schedule an appointment.